How to Create the Perfect Scandinavian-Style Outdoor Living Space

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Ah, the Scandinavian summer. Long days stretch into warm, sultry evenings, and the light possesses a special, ethereal quality that can’t be found anywhere else. After a winter of hibernation, nature begins to wake and bloom — and, across all Nordic lands, life suddenly moves outdoors. No matter where you are on the globe, it’s important to make the most of these summer months, glorious yet fleeting. And we believe there’s no better way to do so than with a Scandinavian style outdoor living area!

Creating an outdoor living space is an often overlooked aspect of Scandinavian interior design — but this really shouldn’t be the case! Your garden is just as important as any other room in your home, and even more so when the days are blissfully long, bright, and warm. Designing a Scandinavian style outdoor living space will transform your whole garden into a soothing, shaded sanctuary. Moreover, you’ll also have extra room to entertain (and impress) friends and family, as well as increase the overall value of your home.

Are you ready to make the most out of your summer with a Nordic style outdoor living area? Whether you have a terrace or a garden (or both), a carefully-curated outdoor living space will encourage you and your family to spend more time together, making happy memories out in the sun. Check out our helpful tips on how to create the perfect outdoor space with Scandinavian style furniture UK — and it’s bound to become the most lived-in area of your entire house!


Embrace outdoor living

Start thinking about your garden as another room of your home. Section out space you can turn into an outdoor living room, dining room, or even bedroom — the more rooms the merrier! This doesn’t have to be an overly complicated or expensive task. All you need for an outdoor kitchen, for example, is a few shelves or storage unites to hold glasses and plates — like our beautiful collection of Anne Black ceramics — with a nearby outdoor spigot for washing up. Add a grill, a dining table, and plenty of Nordic furniture and you’ll be ready to enjoy BBQ’s with friends and family all summer long.

At the bare minimum, any outdoor living space should have a comfy seating area — including an inviting Scandinavian sofa — where you can relax, chat with family, and catch some rays. Our Loop lounge chairs are perfect for outdoor dining or simply enjoying a leisurely moment in the sun. If you’re looking something a little more spacious, our luxurious and elegant Safi lounger is perfect for stretching out and taking a well-deserved nap.


Keep it natural

Picture taken by Magnhild Brekke at Mjaanes in Sogn og Fjordane. The cow's name is Hey'di

Scandinavian design maintains a close relationship to the natural world. And, of course, you can’t get closer to nature than with outdoor living! Uplift your garden space with gorgeous pieces of Nordic outdoor furniture which echo nature’s timeless beauty and simplicity. Fill stone planters with flowers and add in a seating bench made of weathered-wood. Anything made from cool-toned woods, such as, ash, pine, and beech are perfect for creating that laid-back, summery Scandinavian feel. In particular, our wicker Roy Lazy Scandinavian chair puts a mid-century twist on classic Scandinavian design and offers unparalleled levels of comfort. Ultimately, you want to choose pieces of Scandinavian furniture UK as beautiful as they are functional; an ethos which Nordic style celebrates.


Colourful considerations

Still revering the beauty of the natural world, Nordic design is all about soft, neutral colour palettes. When it comes to your outdoor living space, stick to just one or two block colours; there’s no need to complicate with excess colours, patterns, or details. Paint your terrace in white, brown, grey, or green; natural-coloured backdrops are easy on the eye and nicely complement the lush greenery of your surrounding garden. Dot brightly-coloured potted flowers all around your outdoor living area to incorporate eye-catching pops of colour.


Born to be wild

Picture taken by Magnhild Brekke at Mjaanes in Sogn og Fjordane

Sustainability plays a big part in the Scandinavian way of life. It naturally follows that Nordic design be equally environmentally conscious and strive to work with nature rather than against it. So, how can you best incorporate this green philosophy into your garden? With native plants! These are plants naturally found in your region — you may have to do some research into what’s native to your area.

Having a thriving, blooming garden full of native plants and wildflowers will make your outdoor living area just that bit more special. Observe your plants daily to see how they’re doing; become intune with their needs. Healthy plants will spread on their own, while struggling ones will need to have the amounts of sunlight and water adjusted until they’re revived.

Not only do native plants work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem, but they also require less maintenance. They’re easy to look after! Moreover, there’s no need to overly prune your garden. Let it grow! Encourage moss and ferns to come through the cracks in the paving; this rustic touch will contrast nicely with the sleek design of your Scandinavian furniture.


Let there be light

The ludicrously long summer days are a gift, so it’s important to make the most of them while you can! If you want to carry on enjoying your outdoor living space well into the evening, you’ll need to install outdoor lighting. Whether you use electric Scandinavian lighting or solar lighting, it can help you create the right ambiance to suit any occasion. Well-placed floor or table lamps, decorative lanterns, and wall or floor sconces can illuminate your beautiful Scandinavian furniture perfectly.


Feeling inspired?

Spending time with friends and family at home is one of life’s greatest joys — and an outdoor living area complete with modern furniture is a wonderful way to do this over the summer months. Whatever your budget, just adding a few pieces of Scandi furniture to your outdoor living space will give your entire home a boost and transform your garden into somewhere you love to be. Are you inspired to give your outdoor living space a makeover this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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