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Minimalism and simplicity through functional designs in Nordic style, creating elegant and inspiring Scandinavian furniture and home décor. Nordic Mood Interior’s collection comprises of excellent craftsmanship and timeless design with carefully sourced products. Our Scandi Style Webshop is operated from Manchester and London, offering Nordic interiors and design that capture the essence of minimalist Scandinavian style.

All our Scandinavian designs are produced using only the finest materials, focusing on high quality while producing ethical and environmentally friendly Nordic home décor and accessories.

Scandinavian Furniture From Nordic Mood Interiors

Nordic Mood Interiors design and create a small selection of the products we offer, the majority of our Scandinavian Furniture and Nordic home accessories are on the other hand carefully sourced to create Nordic interior design across the UK. With a passion for high quality Scandinavian design, including Scandinavian lighting, Scandinavian tableware, and Scandinavian furniture, we offer a sense of Nordic interior simplicity that captures the essence of Scandi minimalism.

Drawing inspiration from the soft muted colours of the Norwegian landscape, Nordic Mood Interiors curates a collection of Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories that encapsulate the comforting feeling that radiates from a warm and welcoming Scandinavian style home.

Nordic Mood Interiors’ emphasis on function and form reflects the Koselig style of a traditional Scandinavian home infused with modernism and calming simplicity.

Nordic Inspiration With Practical And Decorative Scandinavian Home Furniture Design

Using strong organic shapes, clean lines, and tactile materials, our Scandi style furniture and Nordic home accessories are both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed and produced with the highest quality in mind, our Scandinavian home décor reflects the quality of design as where it finds its roots, aiding both comfort and emotional well-being.

What Is Scandinavian Design?

The Scandinavian countries of the North are well-known for their dense forested mountains and cold, snow-covered landscapes for long months of the year. As such, Nordic interior design has been inspired by its surroundings of nature, featuring natural patterns, organic forms, and natural materials. The essence of Scandinavian lifestyle stems from the resourcefulness of which Nordic communities learned to live, with a sense of practicality with limited resources, and furniture borne from practicality that displays the modernist credo “form follows function”.

It’s because of these long dark months that Scandinavian homes required the psychological warmth and domesticity which is now embedded in Scandinavian design. Through organic form, textures and patterns, in objects such as beds, throws, and pillows, human qualities of warmth are present.

A lesser-known prevailing ethos Scandinavian furniture is its role of social inclusivity and tolerance which permeates Scandinavian furniture design, with a Nordic conviction that the quality of home living should be high for everyone, rather than a privileged few. As a result, Scandinavian interior design and furniture developed a simple and understated approach to everyday household objects and furnishings, and was chosen over it’s more showy grandiose counterparts.

The Essence of Nordic Living

Nordic Home Interiors is a celebration of style of Nordic inspiration. Switching off isn’t always easy in the modern world but Nordic Home Interiors helps you to capture the essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Our fresh and relaxing Nordic home furnishings invite you to pause for a break and connect with your senses, boosting your wellbeing at home with Scandinavian furnishings and modern interiors that permeate nature’s calming effect.

The way we use our homes changes constantly. Nordic Home Interiors offers solutions for living room, dining room, garden and bedroom furnishings, with simple and stylish Scandinavian furniture and Nordic home accessories that finish off spaces and are made to last.

The Danish Hygge ‘Hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is a Danish concept, and one that resonates through the idea behind Scandinavian interior design. Originating from a Norwegian word which can be roughly translated into ‘wellbeing’, Hygge is characterised by ideas of a welcoming, cosy, and convivial way of life. The concept of creating light, warm interiors which promote wellbeing permeate Scandinavian living and the Nordic look – think knitted throws and flickering candles while cosying around a Nordic fire.

How To Create The Scandi look?

For years interior design and architecture has been influenced by other cultures and countries, and Scandinavian design is quickly becoming the prevalent interior design of choice for the modern home.

Creating modern Nordic home décor is easy to achieve with the right Scandinavian sofas and chairs, Nordic furniture, and some key Scandinavian home accessories.

Scandinavian Chairs have become an iconic feature of Scandinavian furnishings. Inspired by Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobson, to highly influential designers and architects of mid-20th centre Nordic design, our Scandinavian chair capture the essence of modern Scandinavian style.

Keeping furniture and soft furnishings bright light and neutral creates the calming soft interior of Nordic homes. Cool whites, warm whites, and neutral greys achieve a light and airy feel for the summer, and warm up the cool light of winter, keeping your Scandinavian interiors homely throughout the year.

Colourful or patterned soft furnishings can introduce an accent of colour to your Scandinavian interiors. A Scandinavian home, even with its cool calm and neutral colourings, never looks sparse. Soft furnishing and accessories bring texture and warmth to your Nordic inspired home, as well as adding a splash of colour and creativity where needed. This can anything from an accent Scandinavian chair, a patterned Nordic throw, or an intricate Scandinavian lightshade.

The essence of nature resounds through Scandinavian interior design, reflecting the nature of the Nordic landscape. Wooden furnishings and accessories are key to Scandinavian design, stemming from a culture abundant in timber and forested areas. Combining wooden furnishings with soft textured and natural furnishings helps to create a modern rustic appearance. Wooden tables and accessories combined with woven boxes and chairs reflect the practicality of Nordic inspired Scandinavian minimalism.

Scandinavian Garden Design

The essence of Scandinavian living doesn’t have to end with your interiors. Enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature by creating relaxing spaces for you and your family outdoors. Our Scandinavian garden furniture lets you use textiles and soft furnishings to make your outside spaces as comfortable and as inviting as your interiors, so that you can enjoy the benefits of Nordic style alfresco living and nature’s calming fresh air. Neutral tones paired with contemporary designs in soft woven materials create environmentally friendly furnishings to help you unlock the beauty of your surroundings

Nordic Furniture Spring Collection 2020!

We have just returned from our latest ‘sourcing trip’ and are happy to share that we have a lovely new collection of beautiful modern furniture pieces.

For us, product sourcing isn’t just about creating a ‘theme’, it rather gives us the opportunity to go back to the drawing board as to what we are about as a company and what we wish to deliver to our customers. The inspiration never ends.


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