Scandinavian Furniture From Nordic Mood Interiors

Based in Manchester and London, Nordic Mood Interiors offers a wide selection of Scandinavian Furniture and Nordic Interiors that showcase our passion for high quality Scandi design. Drawing inspiration from the soft muted colours of a Norwegian landscape, we’ve curated a collection of Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories that encapsulate the comforting feeling that radiates from a warm and welcoming Modern Furniture interior. With an emphasis on function and form, our homeware pieces reflect the koselig style of a traditional Scandinavian home life, with strong organic shapes and tactile materials that are both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, aiding comfort and promoting emotional well-being.

Nordic Furniture Summer Collection 2018 Coming Soon!

We have just returned from our latest ‘sourcing trip’ and are happy to share that we have a lovely new collection of beautiful modern furniture pieces.

For us, product sourcing isn’t just about creating a ‘theme’, it rather gives us the opportunity to go back to the drawing board as to what we are about as a company and what we wish to deliver to our customers. The inspiration never ends.

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Summertime Nordic Furniture Collection 2018!